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JOHN PAUL II  TO THE BISHOPS, CLERGY AND FAITHFUL ON THE MOST HOLY  ROSARY       (7) During the years of preparation for the Council,  Pope John  XXIII did not   
Praying the  rosary  is a beloved Catholic custom that links the gospel and contemplative prayer. Read about prayer, Mary and  Pope John Paul II's  new   
Let us read and meditate carefully on this letter of the  Pope  about the  Rosary  which, as  John Paul II  puts it, is “a treasure to be rediscovered”,    
Pope John Paul II  and the Luminous Mysteries of the  Rosary      The  Rosary  of the Virgin Mary: With  Pope John Paul II's  New Mysteries of Light   
15 May 2009     Dramatic scripture readings and powerful background music transport you into the Gospel events of each mystery. Based on the  Pope's  specific   
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