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patron saints  - American Catholic     These  patron saints  intercede to God for us.   .   St .  John the Baptist . Journalists.  St . Francis de Sales   
31 Oct 2007     7.1 As a  patron saint ; 7.2 Churches and other establishments in his   ..  Tomb of  St .  John the Baptist  at a Coptic monastery in Lower Egypt.   
[ Saint John the Baptist ] Also known as. Joannes Baptista;  John  the Baptizer;  John  the Forerunner; Juan Bautista; Iohannes Baptista; Yochanan ben Zecharyah   
St .  John the Baptist PATRON SAINT  OF: Baptism, bird dealers, diocese of Charleston South Carolina, Colletorto, Italy, converts, convulsions,   
Saints  question: What is  st john the baptist  the  patron saint  of?  Saint john the baptist  is the  patron saint  of the motorway of farriers and of the knights   
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