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As a Christian  church ,  Seventh - day Adventists  are a faith community rooted      Seventh - day Adventists  practice full immersion  baptism  because by being fully   
G.T. Ng, associate secretary for the  Seventh - day Adventist Church ,      with this thought: Jesus did not intend  baptism  to be the end of outreach efforts.   
Go to  Seventh - day Adventist  Offical  Baptismal  Vows   ..  know and understand the fundamental Bible principles as taught by the  Seventh - day Adventist Church .   
Through  baptism  the Lord adds the new disciples to the body of believers — His body, the  church .… Then they are members of God's family” ( SDA's  Believe…,   
Much of the theology of the  Seventh - day Adventist Church  corresponds to      Seventh Day Baptists  and others who rejected established  church  traditions.   
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