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The Bible has only 2 ordinances . in the NT .. baptism and  the Lord's supper . They are never called  sacrament in  Scripture  . The Bible is very clear as to   
In  the Lord's Supper , we each eat a piece of bread in remembrance of Jesus.   .   Scriptures  about the last  supper  do not use the word for unleavened — the   
16 Jul 1999      Scripture  Search On  The Lord's Supper . Who started  the Lord's Supper ? Matt. 26:  26. What does the bread represent? Matt. 26:26   
We most always read the  scripture  in Luke 22 before we partake of  the Lord's Supper . Shouldn't we  also read  scriptures  that we should do this on the first   
The bread and cup of  the Lord's Supper  are clearly the two most ingenious     Every  scripture  pertaining to our walk with  the Lord  can be seen as relating   
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