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Buttercream  Icing,  Buttercream Frosting  Recipe,  Cake  Decoratingr.     This icing is used for icing  cakes  and cookies as well as for borders and art work on   
Buttercream  is one of the most popular icings used when  frosting  a  cake  or using to make designs with on a  cake . In general,  buttercream  is a smooth,   
Ideal  buttercream  for  frosting  and borders.     But if you just want to  frost  a  cake  this is really delicious. I don't usually like to lick  frosting ,   
Our  Buttercream  Icing recipe is perfect for spreading or decorating.     Add up to 4 tablespoons light corn syrup, water or milk to thin for icing  cakes .   
Add more sugar if stiffer  frosting  is desired. If doubled,   drizzle if desired. Spread  buttercream  between layers and on    cake  will be very tall.   
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