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20 Aug 2002     This is to only a general guide to the  Rite  of  Anointing  Outside of Mass.     Assist all those dedicated to the care of the  sick : Lord,   
The term "Last  Rites " is not equivalent to " Anointing  of the  Sick ", since it refers also to two other distinct  rites : Penance and Eucharist,   
"The special grace of the sacrament of the  Anointing  of the  Sick  has as its   .  The 'continuous  rites  of penance and  anointing ' include: Introductory  Rites    
30 Nov 1972     Having laid down and declared these elements concerning the essential  rite  of the sacrament of the  Anointing  of the  Sick , we,   
The Catholic sacrament of  Anointing  of the  Sick , formerly known as Last  Rites  or Extreme Unction, is a ritual of healing.
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