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5.1 Recognition of other churches'  orders ; 5.2  Marriage  and  holy orders . 6 Other concepts of ordination. 6.1 Methodist churches; 6.2 Presbyterian churches   
At first there seems to be little in common between  marriage  (matrimony) and priesthood ( holy orders ). One seems to be entirely in the secular realm of Christian Living: Opening Gifts:  Marriage / Holy Orders  ( Paperback) by Sherry Gieser, Kevin Davidson.
24. Penance and Anointing of the  Sick 25.  Marriage  and  Holy Orders       Holy Orders  is the sacrament through which men receive the power and grace to perform   
Many of us are called to  marriage . A few are called to  Holy Orders . Here's the workbook you've been waiting for to introduce young people to these two vital   
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