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Within the  Pentecostal  movement, the  United Pentecostal  Church is quite unusual. It holds some non-traditional beliefs that separates it from being called   
The denomination of the  United Pentecostal  church is declared to be a  cult . Sadly, this denouncement by  Pentecostal  denominations has not stopped the   
Misc Bible Based -  United Pentecostals .     Click Here Contact Former  Cult  Members Worldwide Right Now · Click Here To Contact CAIC   
25 May 2000     The UPC page at the ex- cult  Resource Center.     Jeff's review of experiences in the  United Pentecostal  Church · Transcript of "The Pastor"   
UPC is not a  cult ! It is just a church that has beliefs just   .  I too am  United Pentecostal ..I will tell it from the female prospective.   
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