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Greek icon of the  Twelve  Apostles (in the front row are  Matthew , Peter,     Jesus' inner circle of  twelve disciples  probably corresponds to the  twelve    
his  disciples . 28:7  Mr 3:34 Joh 17:8,9,20 20:17-20. Bible Gateway:  Matthew  Chapter  12  Verse 49 NIV ESV NKJV NLT KJV Message Amplified   
12  Apostles - bringing stereo salvation at 45 revolutions a minute for     Apart from knowing that  Matthew  was a tax collecter for the Roman Empire and that   
Matthieu  12 :2     Et les pharisiens voyant cela, lui dirent: Voilà, tes  disciples  font ce qu'il n'est pas permis de faire en un jour de sabbat.   
The original  twelve disciples /apostles are listed in  Matthew  10:2-4, “These are the names of the  twelve  apostles: first, Simon (who is called Peter) and his   
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