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Though the U.S. currently prohibits industrial  hemp  cultivation, imports of  hemp  products (fibers,  oil , etc.) containing less than .3% THC are perfectly   
Biodiesel from  Hemp Oil  –  Hemp Oil  as  Biofuel .  Hemp  plants can produce about half a ton of seeds per Acre but such production is currently relatively   
Biodiesel is the name for a variety of ester-based oxygenated fuels made from  hemp oil , other vegetable oils or animal fats. The concept of using vegetable   
HEMP  IS AN EXCELLENT BIO DIESEL FUEL! USA  Oil  Barons got it outlawed to protect  oil  derived synthetics in the 30's. But THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES SHOULD   
The seed to produce a gallon of  Hemp -seed  oil  can cost up to $100.     Methanol You will need 200 ml of methanol per liter of  Hemp  Seed  oil .   
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