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The  Feast of the Nativity .     Isn't there an autumn  Feast  that celebrates Christ's  nativity ? Christmas-time has etched itself into our calendar.   
The  Feast of the Nativity  of Christ is a celebration of both the Incarnation and re-creation of the world in Christ. The liturgical texts for the  feast  are   
The very content of the  feast  already indicates the reason for its establishment , namely: the remembrance and glorification of the  Nativity  in the flesh by   
272) that Liberius preached it on that day in 353, instituting the  Nativity feast  in the December of the same year; but Philocalus warrants our supposing   
29 Dec 2008     The  Nativity  according to the flesh of our Lord, God and Saviour Jesus Christ, also called Christmas, is one of the Great  Feasts  of the   
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