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The key phrase, often translated "to  kill " (rasah), began in the twentieth century to be translated " Thou shalt not murder ," is seen in newer translations   
A. The commandment " thou shall not kill " (Exodus 20:13; Deuteronomy 5:17), is better understood to mean "you  shall not murder ." Most modern translations of   
The verse translated " Thou shalt not kill " in the KJV translation, is translated "You  shall not murder "2 in modern translations - because these translations   
Thou shalt not  covet thy neighbor's house; 10. You  shall not  covet your   ..  "( Roman Catholic) You  shall not kill  / (Lutheran) You  shall not murder "   
19 Oct 2000      Thou Shalt Not Murder *. Eliezer Segal. First Publication:     always  been the rendering of the sixth commandment as " Thou shalt not kill .   
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