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618, - a beautiful song, often used for the  bridesmaids . Mozart Andante from Divertimento No. 1, - a classic, good  processional music .   
Processional : Suite from Water  Music  - Air by Handel     On the wedding day, the bride and  bridesmaids  were delayed while the groom nervously waited and   
Having the right wedding  processional music  can make the moment even more     a particular piece of  music  is played as the  bridesmaids  walk down the aisle   
Generally very stately, elegant  music  at a walking tempo. The bridal  processional  should be a separate piece of  music  from the  bridesmaids '  processional .   
Prelude: Musicians will select a variety of classical  music . Mother's  Processional : (2 mothers) Charptentier, Te Deum w/trumpet.  Bridesmaids Processional :   
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