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31 Oct 2007     The white bread and  vinegar  mixture will absorb the  odor  from the fire and smoke . This mixture also works well in  removing  the smell from   
Even after using various pet  odor removing  products that caution you against using them around animals a faint scent always remains to remind you and spill   
How do baking soda and  vinegar remove odors ? Actually, they neutralize  odors  rather than just covering them up. The secret is in their pH which causes a   
in equal parts  vinegar  and water to  remove odor . After a hem or seam is removed, there are often unsightly holes left in the fabric. These holes   
Well, that's true, but the smell of  vinegar  eventually diminishes,     Fresh air is probably the best way to  remove  smoke smell and  odor  from a home.   
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