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In fact, “ mokume gane ” means “wood-eye metal” in Japanese.  Polymer clay  artists mimic this process by laminating sheets of  polymer clay  together,   
4 Different Colors of  Polymer Clay  (2 Light Colors, 2 Dark Colors); Pasta Machine     This sheet of  mokume gane  can now be used for a variety of projects.   
The Utah  Polymer Clay  Guild would love to have you add to this list by      Mokume Gane  Bracelet by Donna Kato,,1158   
Polymer clay mokume gane  is made by layering several different colors of  clay  sheets, interspersed with other layers of thin metal leaf or foil.   
Many techniques from other media are readily adaptable for use with  polymer clay  , and  mokume gane  is one of them.  Mokume gane  is a traditional method of   
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