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30 Aug 2008     Information about  Cattleya orchid  species and related  orchid  species. Information on growing and collecting  orchids .
To me,  Cattleya orchids  are among the most beautiful and fulfilling of the  orchid  species to grow and care for. Their care and culture is easily learned by   
CATTLEYA  (cat-LAY-a) -  Cattleyas  have earned the reputation as the "Queen of  Orchids " and are known to the public as the ultimate in floral corsages.   
Like most other cultivated  orchids ,  cattleyas  are epiphytes, or air plants. Because they are epiphytic, they have developed water-storage organs,   
26 Apr 2009      Cattleya  (pronounced /ˈkætliː.ə/) is a genus of 42 species of  orchids  from Costa Rica to tropical South America. The genus was named in 1824   
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