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Jesus  came to the  Jordan River  and was  baptized  there by John. After the  baptism  , the heavens open, the holy  spirit like a dove descends, and a heavenly   
Confessing their sins, they were  baptized  by him in the  Jordan River .   At that time  Jesus  came from Nazareth in Galilee and was  baptized  by John in the   
11 May 2009     If Pope Benedict hoped to immerse himself yesterday in the waters of the  River Jordan , where  Jesus  was said to have been baptised by his   
Many people came to the  River Jordan  to be  baptized  (a ritual washing away of sins) by John the Baptizer. John knew about  Jesus ' preaching and teaching,   
8 Mar 2000     This is a news story from the  Baptist  Standard on archaeologists shedding new light on the site of  Jesus Jordan River baptism .
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