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Vinegar  (or  citric acid , as a powder) can be used to eliminate fatigue.     Among all the medicines and food, only  citric acid  and  vinegar  can eliminate   
Natural  vinegars  also contain small amounts of tartaric  acid ,  citric acid , and other acids.  Vinegar  has been used since ancient times and is an important   
1 Tbl 56%  citric acid  crystals is said to be equivalent to 1 cup of  vinegar  in the dyes catalog cited, although prochemicals citation says 1  tbl for 11 tbl   
If I were to use  citric acid  instead of  vinegar , could I pre-soak it and let it dry?     I'm glad to know I can let the  citric acid  dry out.   
18 Nov 2005      Citric Acid  vs Acetic  Acid  ( vinegar ). I am not sure if I liked using the  citric acid . I mixed two 8 ounce cups with warm water,   
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