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Now as the presence of any  sin   whatever is incompatible with the     follows that at this moment  John  was cleansed from the stain of  original sin .     As to the date of the birth of  John the Baptist , nothing can be said with certainty.   
I was told that the Catholic Church teaches that  John the Baptist  was Born without  original sin , is this the teaching of the church if so can you please   
29 Dec 2005      John the Baptist  did have  original sin , for he was born of Zechariah and Elizabeth, who were Israelites and descendants of Adam and Eve (Lk   
John the Baptist  was conceived with  original sin  but it was cleansed from him   .  I believe that st  john the baptist's original sin  was also removed at the   
All humans are born with  original sin , because of the fall into  sin  taken place in the Garden of Eden.  John the Baptist  was not true God as his cousin,   
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