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The fiber is one of the most valuable parts of the  hemp plant . It is commonly called bast, which refers to the fibers that grow on the outside of the woody   
The  hemp plant  is not only one of the oldest cultivated  plants , it is also one of the most versatile, valuable, and controversial  plants  known to man.   
The  hemp plant  is harvested for its fibers, seed, seed meal and seed oil.      Hemp  is a bast fiber  plant  similar to flax, kenaf, jute and ramie.   
26 Nov 2007     Its  bad reputation aside,  hemp  is an easily renewable  plant  that can be used to make goods like paper, food,  fuel, beauty products,   
Profile of  hemp , a tall annual  plant  that is grown legally in parts of Europe and South Asia for the production of fibre.
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