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The truth about the  trinity  and how badly it is unrepresented in the Bible and amongst early Christianity.
If we are at variance with the  Nicene Creed , we are in error. So whoever denies the  Trinity  must also deny the New Testament, and whoever upholds the New   
9 Aug 2008     The  Nicene Creed  is ultimately about the  Trinity , but it also affirms historical realities of Jesus' life. The  creed  is based on concepts   
The  Nicene Creed . tt=61. As approved in amplified form at the Council of     i.e. the exposition of the doctrines concerning the  Trinity  made by the Council   
To suggest that Constantine introduced  trinity   doctrine from pagan sources is as preposterous as it is false. The majority opposed the  Nicene creed  because   
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